A Womb with a View, Part Two

We continue exploring your baby’s world in the womb by considering the research of Dr. Patricia Kohl, from Seattle. Her work tells us that your baby begins to learn language as early as four months in utero. Kohl’s studies show that immediately after birth, your baby will responds to your voice ... Read More

A Womb with a View, Part One

It is a common misconception to believe that your baby grows in the womb in a neutral state of unconsciousness. Today, because of technology, you can now see your baby as he interacts with his inner and outer world. Mothers have long recognized that their baby is learning and actively responding, ... Read More

This is How Your Baby Learns Language in the Womb

Did you know that babies begin learning in the womb? Before she is even born, your baby has already been exposed to many opportunities for language learning while in utero. Language learning begins in the womb A study by Dr. Patricia Kuhl, Ph.D., stated that babies not only hear their ... Read More

How Stress Affects Your Baby During Pregnancy

With our society’s shift toward more mindful living, you may be aware of how stress impacts your well-being. Yet when you become pregnant, you should also be aware of the affects your stress may have on your baby’s development. Your body under stress When you are stressed out, what is ... Read More

The Power of Resiliency, Part Two

When I think of resiliency in modern day terms, I think of my friend Ariana Huffington, who, as a sixteen-year-old from Greece, entered Girton College at Cambridge University. She decided to join a debate team; the highly recognized Cambridge Union Society. As you can imagine, each year brought ... Read More