Talking To Your Teen About Drugs

Many parents would be shocked to learn how plentiful drugs are in their child's world. The average age at which teens start using tobacco is about 12 years old. The average age at which teens start drinking alcohol is almost 13. And the average age at which teens start smoking marijuana is ... Read More

It’s Not About You…

You're at a party, and someone takes a verbal swipe at you. One of those insults disguised as a compliment. A euphemism, meant to hurt. And yes, it hits its target. You shrivel, feeling thrown off-balance and insecure. What do you do? You wish you had a great comeback. That zinger that you ... Read More

When Your Child Is the Bully

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Throughout this month, I will share some articles about bullying - in children and adults. It’s late morning on a weekday when you receive a call from your child’s school principal. She tells you there has been an incident involving your child, ... Read More

Helping Boys Succeed by Limiting Technology

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a TED talk by psychologist Phillip Zimbardo. He spoke about how men are failing socially, academically and with women. His TED talk struck a nerve with me, and stays with me to this day. The debate is on about how we as a nation are failing our ... Read More

The Power of Resiliency, Part 2

When I think of resiliency in modern day terms, I think of my friend Ariana Huffington, who, as a sixteen-year-old from Greece, entered Girton College at Cambridge University. She decided to join a debate team – the highly recognized Cambridge Union Society. As you can imagine, each year ... Read More