Nurture Your Child’s Emotional Growth, Part Two

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As I discussed in my previous blog post, psychologists have determined that there are many different types of intelligence. Today, I will share tips on how to help nurture your child's emotional intelligence. Healthy emotional growth begins with successful bonding between parent and child. Your ... Read More

Nurture Your Child’s Emotional Growth, Part One


As parents, we often talk of child development as it pertains to intellectual growth. As discussed in past blog posts, there are certain things parents can do to help give their children the best possible opportunities for increased IQ and to further learning capabilities. But what about emotional ... Read More

The Key to Boosting Your Child’s Health and IQ: Your Time

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It’s 7:00 p.m. at the end of another busy day. Between long hours at work, commuting time, shuttling your kids between activities, figuring out dinner, and helping with homework, you’re one exhausted parent. You know you need to spend some “quality time” with your children, but you can’t ... Read More

How to Foster Your Child’s Unique Talents


We all have unique gifts and talents, no matter how young or old we are. When 16-year-old Jack Andraka took the stage at a TED talk I attended years ago; I was impressed by this young man’s ability to develop an early detector for pancreatic cancer. I wondered: what sort of encouragement must ... Read More

The Power of Resiliency, Part 2

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When I think of resiliency in modern-day terms, I think of my friend Ariana Huffington, a sixteen-year-old from Greece who entered Girton College at Cambridge University. She decided to join a debate team, the highly recognized Cambridge Union Society. As you can imagine, each year brought ... Read More